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Vacuum wood drying kiln

A vacuum wood drying kiln is a type of kiln that uses a vacuum to remove the air from the drying kiln. This allows the lumber to dry faster and more evenly. The more advanced vacuum drying kiln uses a vacuum to lower the boiling point of the water, so that the moisture in the wood evaporates from the inside out, and the top of the wood is equipped with a hydraulic device, which incidentally plays a role in straightening the wood. 

Vacuum wood drying kiln offers significant advantages in terms of speed, quality, efficiency, and versatility, making it an attractive option for many wood processors.

Vacuum kiln
vacuum kiln for rosewood drying
Cylinder (round) type
Cubic (square) model, rosewood drying

Vacuum wood drying kiln advantages

Better drying quality

The vacuum wood kiln eliminates temperature gradient differences typically caused by steam, preventing issues such as bending, deformation, cracking, surface hardening, and changes in material color. This technology effectively addresses these challenges, ensuring higher quality dried wood. Additionally, the hot pressing drying process can straighten some curved wood, further enhancing the final product’s uniformity and usability.

Fast drying

Vacuum drying technology is widely recognized as an energy-efficient method for drying wood. Unlike conventional drying equipment, it lowers the temperature at which internal water vaporizes, drastically reducing the drying cycle by approximately 5 to 15 times. This is especially beneficial for dense and difficult-to-dry wood species.

Energy efficient

Lower Temperatures: Since water boils at a lower temperature under a vacuum, less energy is required to heat the kiln, leading to energy savings.
Efficient Heat Use: The vacuum process can be more efficient in using the heat energy, reducing overall energy consumption.

Economic benefits

Reduced inventory costs: Faster drying times mean that wood can be processed and sold more quickly, reducing the costs associated with storing and handling large inventories of wood.
Higher product value: Better quality dried wood can command higher prices in the market, potentially increasing revenue for wood producers

Green drying

The vacuum wood drying kiln efficiently centralizes the treatment of harmful substances discharged during wood drying.
Lower energy requirements can lead to reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, making vacuum kilns a more environmentally friendly option.

Easy to install and operate

The vacuum wood drying kiln has a compact footprint, making it easy to install and transport.
Easy to learn, understand, and operate with simplicity.

All vacuum wood drying kilns can be custom made as per customer’s requirement.

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