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Vacuum drying & thermal modification integrated kiln

The integrated vacuum drying and thermal modification kiln is specifically designed to address the needs of customers who lack kilns for drying wood with a moisture content below 13% for thermal modification.

Utilizing vacuum technology during the drying process significantly reduces cycle time and ensures high-quality drying with minimal warping and fewer cracks.


Inner layer: stainless steel; external layer: steel reinforcement; square end-opening kiln door; aluminum silicate and rock wool combination insulation layer; external high-quality metal packaging.

Control System
Automatic controller (color touch screen); temperature sensor module combination system; pressure sensor module combination system; power distribution cabinet and its electrical components, etc.

Heating circulation system
Motor; aluminum alloy fan; active shaft and accessory parts; electric heater; piping, etc.

Humidification system
Stainless steel steam spray pipe; hand valve; solenoid valve.

Vacuum system
Vacuum pump; electric valve; hand valve.

Cooling system
Condenser; blower; electric valve.

Electric inlet and outlet system
Loading trolley; kiln outside inlet and outlet tracks; electric transport control system

Automatic drainage system
Electric valves; piping and water release devices.

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