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Vacuum press wood dryer

vacuum press wood drying kiln
vacuum press wood dryer

Vacuum press wood dryer

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Our advanced vacuum press wood dryer revolutionizes wood drying by placing the wood in a sealed container and applying sub-atmospheric pressure. This accelerates the movement of moisture from the wood’s interior to its surface, ensuring even drying. The wood is continuously heated while the vacuum system removes air from the chamber, significantly lowering the vaporization temperature. This allows the wood to dry at reduced temperatures, effectively preventing issues such as cracking and deformation.

Experience unparalleled efficiency: a 30mm thick board dries in just 24 hours, a 50mm thick board in 72 hours, and 60-70mm thick boards in approximately 96 hours. This is up to 5 – 15 times faster than conventional drying methods. Choose our vacuum kiln technology for superior, rapid, and reliable wood drying results.

All vacuum press wood dryers can be custom made as per customer’s requirement.

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