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High frequency wood board joining press

High frequency wood board joining press machine is tailored for various woodworking applications, including board edge glue joining, right-angle board joining, laminated wood joining, cabinet board joining, door edge banding, and “L” type door pocket line joining. Featuring PLC control, high-frequency heating, advanced automatic control, and high efficiency.

It adopts a conveyor belt type for charging and discharging, with PP or stainless steel belts that are lightweight and easy to clean. The heavy machine frame design ensures stability, improved flatness, with a sanding amount of only 0.5mm and a high timber output rate.




Workers can precisely position wood pieces, preventing dislocation problems and minimizing the risk of cylinder damage.

Locate high frequency generator and hydraulic system on the top of machine, saving factory space.

Low power costs: HF power only heat glue line, save the power. 

High efficiency: High-frequency heating completes one standard panel (8×4 feet, 20mm thick) in just 1-2 minutes. Notably, during winter, the efficiency surpasses that of traditional clamp carriers.

Labor-saving: With automatic control, a single button can complete the entire cycle. Compared to traditional wooden board joining machines, it achieves an average output rate that is 5%-15% higher.

The top working table is equipped with a lifting device, ensuring panel straightness and flatness. This design helps conserve more wood material for the next sanding process.

The machine working table is crafted from a non-cohesive material, making it easy to remove glue and ensuring optimal panel quality.

The working table size can be customized based on customer requirements.

Environmentally friendly: High-frequency power only requires electricity, making it dust-free and clean, with no pollution.

Specs – High frequency wood board joining press machine

ControlPLC, HMI ScreenPLC, HMI ScreenPLC, HMI ScreenPLC, HMI ScreenPLC, HMI Screen
Working Table2500*1300mm3000*1300mm4200*1300mm5200*1300mm6200*1300mm
Vertical Pressure20 Tons20 Tons30 Tons40 Tons50 Tons
Side Pressure38 Tons50 Tons68 Tons76 Tons90 Tons
HF Frequency6.78MHz6.78MHz6.78MHz6.78MHz6.78MHz
HF Power20 Kw30 Kw40 Kw50 Kw50kw
FeedingAutomatic conveyor beltsAutomatic conveyor beltsAutomatic conveyor beltsAutomatic conveyor beltsAutomatic conveyor belts
Automatic StackingOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

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