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Conveyor high frequency door frame joining assembly press machine

Conveyor high frequency door frame joining assembly press machine is specifically designed for the rapid assembly of solid wood doors, utilizing high-frequency glue curing.


It is well-suited for the rapid bonding assembly of wooden doors, ensuring precise processing.

Ensuring exceptional precision, the machine incorporates Taiwan-imported ball screws and precision linear guides (excluding non-linear axes). The use of servo motors enables precise control, greatly improving overall work efficiency.

Remarkable efficiency: The adhesive can be heated and cured in mere seconds to dozens of seconds, streamlining and simplifying operations.

Superior quality: Eliminates the need for gun nails, preventing the complexity of late replenishment and gray processes. The glue, under a pressure of 10-12kg/cm2 through high-frequency heating and rapid gluing, ensures robust bonding strength on the gluing surface. In contrast to the original process reliant on screws or mortise and tenon holes with tolerance (typically a small hole with a large mortise and tenon), it guarantees higher strength for the glued surface parts of the framework.

User-friendly operation: Effortlessly adjust the size of the frame group with automatic adjustments. The machine provides both manual and automatic operation modes, offering 12 pre-set frame size data for seamless automatic configuration. Users can easily select various sizes of wooden frames without the necessity for zero adjustments.
Additionally, the machine allows corrections at any time for the 12 sets of data without the need for zero adjustments.

The machine facilitates the assembly of cabinet door wooden frames at 45 degrees and 90 degrees (including Y direction priority and X direction priority in two modes). Switching between assembly modes is easily accomplished through the touch screen, guaranteeing the quality of the workpiece assembly.

Featuring a large touch screen for a user-friendly interface, PLC automatic control, and a comprehensive parameter display including pressure, current, heating time, cooling time, etc., this high-frequency frame joining press equipment ensures ease of operation. Positioned at the forefront of global technology, it stands as a cutting-edge advancement in the field.

Cost-effective: Operating with merely 0.003-0.2 kwh of power consumption per frame, it provides an economical and efficient solution.

Fitted with a high-frequency shielding protection device, it ensures the safety and smooth operation of both the operator and the equipment.

Stable performance: Utilizing Taiwan-imported ball screws and precision guides for wear resistance, this ensures a long service life and high accuracy, contributing to stable and reliable performance.


Max. working size2500*1250mm
Min. working width390mm
HF Power15kw
FeedingConveyor belt
Pressing MethodServo motors & precision ball screws
Frame Shapes45°, 90°
ControlPLC, HMI screen
ProtectionOver current, sparking, wind pressure, dimensions automatic location and correct, alarms
Outlet Dimensions3000(L)x2000(W)x1900(H)
Weight2 tons

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