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Pressurized thermal modification kiln

Features of pressurized thermal modification kiln

  • Designed for normal container or flat rack container loading.

  • The design maximum pressure-bearing temperature is 210°C.

  • The maximum design pressure is 1.9 MPa (19 bar).

  • The main body material is made of stainless steel (thickness 12mm).

  • Thermal insulation and heat preservation material glass wool (thickness 200mm).

  • The external packaging is made of high quality aluminum alloy plate.

Control System

1. Fully automatic control, remote control;
2. System module: Siemens, Germany;
3. Power distribution cabinet and its electrical components, electrical components brand: Schneider.

Internal heating and cooling

Stainless steel finned tubes

Internal circulation system

Main function: To circulate nitrogen between the exchanger and the wood at high speed with a fan speed of 400-1200 rpm.
1. Fans: Special designed fans placed at the end of the equipment.
2. Motor: Special motor placed at the external end of the equipment.


Customer should buy nitrogen from domestic market.

Cooling System

It consists of an automatic condensate tank and an air-cooled cooler, which can effectively cool the wood and equipment as well as condense the hot vapor evaporated from the wood.

Thermal Oil Unit

Custom made as per kiln specs.

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